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Barack Odumbo Of Kenya

May 19, 2012

Barack Odumbo Of Kenya

I personally have never really believed that Barack Odumbo was born in Kenya – it just didn’t seem to “fit” somehow.

But don’t get me wrong – I categorically do not believe that he is qualified for the presidency. Beside the obvious reason that he is a total moron, he is also not a natural born citizen as is required by our Constitution.

His father was born in Kenya and, although he attended college here in the US, he never became a US citizen.

And although Stanley Ann was born in Kansas, her subsequent Communist ties and affiliations didn’t make her much of a US citizen either.

Omoron is the only president of the United States in my lifetime who has no verifiable past. And what little of his past is available to the public, is being proven to be a whole lot of smoke and mirrors or, to put it bluntly, a barrel-full of lies. just released a copy of an old brochure that describes the Messiah-to-be as having been born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.

Of course, the mainstream media has either ignored it or simply brushed it aside as the insane ravings of so-called “birthers.” The ad agency that printed the brochure says that “Obama Born In Kenya” is a “clerical error.” But they don’t explain why this “clerical error” persisted for 17 years. And the MSM, as usual, is not at all curious as to know why.

The dimbulb who has been inhabiting the White House since 2009 is a stick figure – he has no substance. He is also an imposter, a liar, a narcissistic sociopath and a Jew-hating, America-hating, Constitution-hating Communist/Socialist/Marxist.
I do not understand why Barry’s questionable background is of absolutely no interest to his sheepish supporters. The WaPost time-travels back to Mitt Romney’s youth and accuses him of a high school “prank.” Most of us have some high school “prank” or regrettable behavior in our past – that’s just life. The crap that we did in high school is not necessarily an indication of our character today. Most of us, like, you know…grew up,

But Barry Obambam aligned himself with Marxists, Islamists, terrorists, racists, crooks and Chicago thugs well into his adult years. He does not have the excuse of high school regrets and indiscretions because he is still hobnobbing with Marxists, Islamists, terrorists, racists, crooks and Chicago thugs.

AND…he has never satisfactorily proven where he was born; never released his college grades and transcripts; never explained why his social security number doesn’t add up; never released his medical records or explained why his head is covered with scars.

What is wrong with this picture, people??

So many of us see the scam that is being perpetrated on our beloved country and yet we who see and say the truth are marginalized, ridiculed and silenced. Liberals and progressives shout in our faces that we are crazy and wrong without ever providing ANY backup for their assertions.

I am at my wit’s end – I don’t know what to do. I blog, I post well-researched links on Facebook, I Tweet – and I have been ridiculed by the liberals who disagree with me.

Unless Barry Obummer is voted out of office in November, We the People are currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. We are being abused and discredited and continually threatened with the loss of more freedoms.
It doesn’t really matter if Oblahblah was born in Kenya or not – he already doesn’t qualify as a natural born citizen. What matters is that our republic has been “entrusted” to a fraud and a liar. And those of us who care about that, are in turn ridiculed as being extremists.

And extreme we may have to be if our most UN-American president in history is allowed to continue on his path of destruction.

Freedom is our right and revolution is our duty when our liberty is being stolen. I would rather be an ”extremist” fighting for my country and what it stands for, than to be a slave of the evils of socialism.


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