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The First “Gay President”

May 14, 2012


Well, an “angel” got his wings today. Or rather, I guess it’s actually a halo — a glowing rainbow-colored halo. It’s kind of like the Nobel Peace Prize that The One received back in 2009 for doing absolutely nothing — a great, big ZERO — to promote peace in the world. Now he gets a rainbow halo just for saying that he allegedly supports gay marriage just 8 months before the November election. All he did was *say* that he supports gay marriage — he’s done nothing to prove that he does. Nobel Prize — nothing. Gay Marriage — nothing. Get it? But one of the state-run propaganda machines, Newsweek Magazine, has seen fit to kiss his ass (oh dear, very bad pun) by plastering his arrogant mug on this week’s cover. Of course, he and his thugs are pandering to the gay liberal masses with empty non-promises, but empty minds with visions of rainbow-colored white-picket-fences are eagerly drinking the Kool-Aid. In 2008, everywhere you looked, there were staged photos of The One with glowing circles behind his cracked and scarred head meant to convey his messianic other-worldliness. Now he has a photoshopped crown of colors. I don’t know what is worse — the sight of his ugly Il Duce pose on another magazine cover or the utter stupidity of the people who are under the spell of his fairy dust. (PJH)


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