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May 13, 2012


The One played his 97th round of golf today. I guess this is part of his new Foreward campaign theme.

During his entire presidency, by the way, George W. Bush played only 24 rounds of golf.

I have got to wonder just exactly when The One actually accomplishes all the messianic and miraculous things that his rabid, drooling followers believe he does. I am reminded of the question that liberals/progressives never directly answer when asked: What has Barack Hussein Obama accomplished in 3-1/2 years? I generally never get a substantive answer to this inquiry – just a lot of mumbly-grumbly stuff about Bush and blame.

The One’s goofy veep joined him on the green today – they have made-up from their little pretend spat about Joe Coming Out for gay marriage the day before Obama’s spontaneous announcement that he had evolved from pro-to-no-to-pro on gay marriage.

Despite the fact that The One has apparently had composite girlfriends, eaten dog, maintained friendships with Marxist radicals and Islamic terrorists and has no documented proof that he actually existed before 1995, he is still playing golf as a free man rather than walking laps in a dusty prison yard.

In-between golf, vacations and campaign fundraisers, he and his Chicago-style goon squad have managed to sneak in what passes as “work” for Obama: signing a series of un-Constitutional Executive Orders; flying all the way to Afghanistan for an 8-hour photo-op visit; schmoozing with his new boyfriend George Clooney; pretending that he enjoys being married to Michelle (admittedly that actually IS work); and single-handedly killing Osama bin Laden. (PJH)


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