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Obama and the Gay Vote

May 11, 2012


So The One has “come out” in favor of gay marriage.  He has flip-flopped  evolved from his 1996 position of being decidedly pro-gay marriage to again being decidedly pro-gay marriage in 2012.
Between 1996 and 2012, he flip-flopped  evolved back and forth:  anti-gay marriage in 2004 (“…marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman”), pro-civil unions in 2008 (“You know, I’m not in favor of gay marriage, but I’m in favor of a very strong civil union”), pro-benefits for all in 2010 (“…at the federal level, one of the things that we’re trying to do is to make sure that partnerships are recognized for purposes of benefits so that hospital visitation, for example, is something that is permitted, that Social Security benefits or pension benefits or others, that same-sex couples are recognized in all those circumstances”).
Apparently Moo and the kids (brought into the conversation again for the sake of political gain) influenced him in his 16-year evolvement — Malia and Sascha both know kids who come from gay households, so that must have like, totally  blown his mind.
And already the liberal/progressive/one-issue gay voters are drooling over their guy and his “courage” for being so supportive of their One Important Cause.  Oh yes, and the gay dollars are flowing into his campaign war chest as well.
What an amazing accomplishment it is — to evolve from being pro-gay in 1996 to being pro-gay in 2012.  Obama is The Man.
I wonder what the Muslims For Obama 2012 constituency makes of this flip-flop  evolvement?  After all, gay marriage is not even a question as far as Islam is concerned.  Muslim gays don’t have to worry themselves about marriage once they are beheaded or hung just for being … gay.
I guess The One is counting on them to perceive his latest social- justice breakthrough as one of those “wink-wink” little old things:  “Don’t worry, homies, once my election is over, I’ll have more flexibility to not do anything to help those gay infidels.”
And when you think about it, what exactly has he promised to do for gays if he is re-elected?  The answer is nothing!  All he did yesterday was to state that he’s in favor of gay marriage.  Any jackass can make a statement like that.  Just because The One said it, doesn’t make it much different.
Unless, of course, he has one of those flexible Executive Orders he’s just itching to sign after “his election” is over.
Funny too the timing of his Enlightenment — just as he is “officially” starting his campaign for re-election that he has already been campaigning on for 3-1/2 years.
Maybe he is going to try to find a way to tie the economy into the gay marriage thing.  You know, all those extra marriages, auditorium rentals, honeymoons.  Ka-Ching!  (PJH)


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