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The Nanny State Has Spoken ….

May 10, 2012

The Nanny State hath spoken — again.  Fat people are the number one security issue in the United States, according to Obama-appointed “National Food Czar” Sam Kass.  Kass is a White House chef, so of course he is qualified to “know” since he has no doubt observed Michelle Obama’s unhealthy eating habits up close and personal for quite some time.

Of course, the question begs to be asked, “Why do we have an Orwellian unelected ‘National Food Czar’ in the first place?”  Where in the Constitution does it say that We the People must have one?

But I digess.

The FLOTUS apparently needed something to do inbetween her expensive q-3 month vacations, so she cooked-up (pun intended) her campaign to combat food terrorism back in 2010 with the vegetable garden that she planted on our White House lawn.

Moo’s “Let’s Move” is to food what Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” was to drugs back in the ’80s.  The big difference however is that our dear Nancy was not a Marxist — peeps had the choice to Just Say No to Just Say No if they so chose.  On the other hand, when Moo says “Let’s Move,” she has a jack-booted government machine behind her behind designed to push her agenda … uh … *Forward.*

And now that the carrot-chopping Food Czar has declared a national obesity
emergency, not only will our Snickers Bars be smaller, but our freedom to indulge our comfort foods of choice will be curtailed depending upon our weight.

Under “Let’s Moove,” the term obesity seems to have been redefined to include a wider range of wider hips.

And since a “government intervention” is imminent to save us all from our fat selves, one must wonder who decides who is “obese” and who isn’t.

School bake sales have been banned in Massachusetts, so that should help the fat little buggers there.  But what about the rest of the diabetic, waddling, sedentary fat folks across the US who are threatening our national security?

Is 10 extra pounds too much?  Is height taken into account?  Will ice cream be rationed?  Will Chris Christie, Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg (among others) mysteriously disappear one day — dragged off to obesity internment camps for their own good and for our protection?

And what about the fat FLOTUS herself??  Silly question, of course — she will get a waiver excusing her from obeying the government food police, just as all the rest of our Dear Leaders have been exempted from obeying that silly Obamacare thing.

Many patriots are stocking up on water, ammo, canned food and survival gear in the event of a manufactured Marxist crisis in the not-too-distant future.  Better add chocolate to the list.  (PJH)



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