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JEWS Of Course! (Part 2)

October 14, 2011

4)  Timothy asks who is to determine the borders.  In 1948 the Arabs turned down UN General Assembly Resolution 181, thus rejecting the partitioning of the region into an Arab state and a Jewish state.  Or in other words … they did not want Israel to have her own nation.  The Moslem Arabs have used the fictional, made-up “nation”of “Palestine” as a whiny knife-in-the-back weapon against Israel since 1948.  “Palestine” describes a REGION, not a nation.

From Wikipedia:

“The Arab leadership (in and out of Palestine) opposed partition and claimed all of Palestine. The Arabs argued that it violated the rights of the majority of the people in Palestine, which at the time was 67% non-Jewish (1,237,000) and 33% Jewish (608,000). Arab leaders threatened the Jewish population of Palestine, speaking of “driving the Jews into the sea” and ridding Palestine “of the Zionist Plague.”  On the eve of the Arab armies invasion, Azzam Pasha, the General Secretary of the Arab League, “describing the fate of the Jews” is said to have declared: “This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades.”

5)  Greg ‘s solution is the 1967 borders.  Yawn ….  The Arabs of Syria and Jordan attacked Israel in 1968  and Israel won her new borders fair and square.  The 1967 borders would be suicide for Israel if agreed to.  And PM Benjamin Netanyahu has already told Barack Hussein Obama that that is “not going to happen.”

6)  Jeff pompously states that he just recently returned from Israel.  What he neglects to mention is that he was a TOURIST on a dadgum “Holy Land” tour.  This by NO MEANS makes him any kind of an expert.  I’ve travelled to Canada as a tourist but that doesn’t make me an expert on Canadian government.

He goes on to say that “Israel has no interest in negotiating with the Palestinians.”  BUZZ … wrong answer, dude.  It is the Moslem Arabs who have no interest in negotiating with Israel.  When “palestinians” chant “from the river to the sea, palestine will be free,” they literally mean free of all Jews.  How can Israel negotiate with people whose own Moslem “religion” calls for the extermination of all Jews???  If the “palestinians” WANTED peace, there would be peace.  But they don’t.

7)  Jeff bemoans the fact that Bethlehem is walled in.  Bethlehem is walled in for the protection of Israel, not to segregate Arabs.  Israeli checkpoints are necessary because Moslem-“palestinian”-Arabs have an alarming tendency to strap bombs on their bodies and blow people up.  “It seems like Bethlehem is a quiet place but don’t be mistaken with it,” said Lieut.-Col. Aviv Feigel, the head of the Israeli army’s Bethlehem liaison office in 2005.  “You have a lot of terror organizations and attacks from inside Bethlehem towards Israel.”

“Palestinian” Arabs lie and say that Israel is “occupying” THEIR land when the truth is that they have NO CLAIM to the land because … let’s say it again … there never was and there is NOT now a nation called “Palestine.”

There are very few Christians left in Bethlehem.  This is NOT ISRAEL’s FAULT.  Bethlehem was turned over to the “Palestinian Authority” in 1995.  The town’s population of 50,000 is more than half Moslem.

8)  Timothy actually scores a point when he says that the statehood proposal is absurd.

9)  Matilda jumps in with what is a somewhat factual statement at first but she disappoints by the end of her observation.  She speaks of  “Israel’s continued settlement of Palestinian land.”  Well, there we are again with the “palestinian” thing — there is NO SUCH THING.  And furthermore, she previously states correctly that the Arabs turned down a state of their own in 1947, so HOW can it be that Israel is settling “palestinian” land???

She concludes by saying, “The US  appears to be Israel’s last friend in world opinion and Israel has placed the US in a position to defend the undefensable[sic].”

True … there are a LOT of friends of Israel in the United States but … Barack Obama is not one of them.  He is blatantly anti-Israel and pro-Moslem.  He is partly to blame for the rising hostility against Israel in the US, the Middle East and around the world.

And do Armchair Liberal Pundits ever actually look at a MAP??  If they did, they would SEE that tiny Israel is SURROUNDED by huge and dangerous pro-Islamic countries that are openly hostile to Jews.  Israel is SURROUNDED by TERRORISTS.

Jeff also claims that Israel is building an “Apartheid State.”  Israel is NOT an “apartheid state.”  Dennis Prager explains it the best in this video:

AND … do Jeff and his cronies truly believe that HAMAS, a terrorist entity, can be negotiated with???  Or even SHOULD be???

Of course, the Armchair Libs are “Politically Correct,” so they are incapable of acknowledging the Islam problem.

But I’m not Politically Correct, so I can.  The so-called “Arab Spring” is not a Spring … it is a hot flaming cauldron of Summer evil.  The Muslim Brotherbood is gaining power in Egypt and the entire Middle East.  The Muslim Brotherhood is in favor of Sharia Law.  Sharia Law is in favor of killing Jews, gays, Christians, women and any Infidel who is not Muslim.  Egypt is not going to be a travel destination for ignorant and complacent liberal travellers if Islam takes total control.  And then there are Turkey, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq — these are definitely not Mr.Rogers-type neighbors.

Israel is the ONLY country in the region that allows EVERYONE — Jew, Christian, gay, woman, ARAB — can live together in peace with no fear of persecution.  The ONLY one.

Someday a gay lib will explain to me why he or she is so devoted to and supportive of Arab-Moslem “palestinians” who wholeheartedly believe that homosexuals should be hanged.

Bottom line, it is the Arab -Moslem “palestinians” who refuse to allow for peace.  Islam is NOT a religion of peace.  It is not even really a “religion.”

Which brings us back around to the Coptic Christians whose very existence is threatened.  Coptic Christians could live peacefully and undisturbed in Israel.  But since Israel is the liberal bogeyman and scapegoat for the world’s woes, the suffering by Christians in Egypt and other Islamic countries is ignored — nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to do.

The above clinical discussion by the Armchair Lib Pundits about a region if the world that they literally know nothing about is sadly made by people who believe that they are well-educated thus making them experts on just about everything.

Just because someone goes to tbe Middle East and talks to a few “moderate” “palestinians” does not make him an expert on a dadgum thing.

Many of us who don’t have fancy degrees have done our homework and know more about what is going on in the Middle East than someone who goes over there on a tour and sees and hears only what he wants to see and hear.

How can libs who call themselves Christians ignore the plight of their fellow Christians who are suffering in Egypt and all over the world?

There is no such thing as “Palestine,” there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the Arab -Moslems are free to leave their walled enclosures any time they want, Israel has the right to defend herself from the attacks of barbaric terrorists.

Jeff can say that the whiny palestinians are in despairing and that no one cares about them.  But he and others like him cannot bring themselves to care about their fellow Christians.

I guess if it were somehow Israel’s fault then they probably would care….

*Jeff is referencing the article at this link:

© October 2011 by Agent Infidel


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