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Daily Links

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Disneyland is supposed to be the “happiest place on earth.”  And part of the happiness of paying $87 a pop to get through the gate is to be able to eat whatever you want.  And that’s especially true if you’re a kid (which of course all Disneyland visitors are, whether big or small).  The food is part of the FUN.
In her latest assault on our freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness, Moo Obama has team-up with the Disney company to create a new Land at the theme park — NannyStateLand.
This is nothing new — Disneyland has been serving carrots instead of fries to its mini-Mouse fans since 2006.  But now the First Moo has got her hoof into the pie and Disney is expanding on the … er … theme.  (See article)*
Politics, in the form of rules, laws and regulations, has already invaded our lives to an appalling degree.  If there’s no escape from all the busybody-restrictions at Disneyland of all places, then we are indeed falling like sheep from the top cliff of the Matterhorn.
Kids should be learning to eat healthy foods at home from their *parents,* not from the First Moo.  Many was the time when I had to fork the cold remnant a lima bean off my childhood plate before a cookie could be served.  I survived it.
Going to Disneyland, or any other fun place, is for treats, not celery sticks.  Moderation begins in the home but a parent determines when the rules can be suspended.  The government has no place being in line at the burger stand  when kids are out for a day of fun.  (PJH)


Obama’s Third-Party History – Stanley Kurtz – National Review Online

Obummer was and IS a socialist !!!!!


Obama’s Third-Party History – Stanley Kurtz – National Review Online.

IWF – Disney on ICEEs

From the article:

Exercise should be a part of a child’s daily routine.  Kids should be outdoors, riding bikes, building forts, playing tag, and running around.  They should be encouraged to watch as little television as possible, and video game time, when children are plopped down on the floor, numbly surfing through repetitive puzzles, should be the exception and not the rule.

Disney’s advertising policies do not replace parental involvement and oversight.  Parents, not an ad exec, should oversee what their children are eating.


IWF – Disney on ICEEs.